Leadership Links Mashup #1


Every single day I read at least a few articles about topics which I want to grow in. When I was working as a software developer, I used to follow a number of technical blogs and websites. I found it to be a simple and effective source of programming knowledge – a great complement to books and practical exercise. Just spend an hour per day while queuing or commuting, and you soon become the ‘go-to’ person for your colleagues when they need an advice on which tool or method can be used to solve a particular problem.

In a manager’s role this approach was still very useful to me, and I naturally started looking for similar resources about leadership and related soft skills. While there’s plenty of such content on the web, it was very difficult to spot the really valuable articles among all the feel good/dream big/be yourself mumbo jumbo.

So after spending a lot of time myself, I decided to make it easier for others and publish a regular selection of the most interesting links I have encountered recently. I don’t want to commit to any particular frequency at this point, I will just post them each time I collect an interesting bunch. They will cover both general leadership skills, as well as topics specific to software development management.

Below you can find the first selection. Enjoy!