Why I Decided To Write This Blog


I’ve been leading software development teams for over 7 years now, and throughout this time, I’ve encountered great content published in the industry: books, articles, videos, presentations and lots of other stuff. Almost all of that knowledge was either purely technical (describing a specific technology or a set of programming practices), or related to particular software development processes. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much about the general aspects of team management in IT.

Sure, there are lots of blogs about Scrum, Kanban and other methods of driving software projects, but I’ve been always lacking a solid resource about people stuff – describing how to lead others, build your authority, manage relationships properly, coach team members, resolve conflicts, communicate feedback… Lots of the soft skills that other industries train their people in very early when they get the role (well, in good companies at least).

For an IT person, when they become a manager of some sort, it is difficult to shift the focus from technical aspects, and they are often left on their own to figure it out. The most curious ones will get to some general management resources – and there are many great ones, of course, but applying them in a quite specific IT environment may be challenging and could raise a lot of questions.

And that’s the gap I want to fill with this blog: gather the knowledge at the interface of Management and Software Development. Some of it will be from my own experiences, other pieces may come from various external sources. I am also hoping for lots of good discussion and knowledge exchange with all the development managers, team leads and lead engineers out there!

I would also like to help those who want to become technical leaders, or have recently started in that role. I still have much to learn myself, but I believe some of my experiences can prove valuable.

So let’s see how it goes – at the moment I have a number of ideas for articles, but I would love to hear topic suggestions from you, Dear Readers – please remember to mention them in the comments.


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